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The Most Beautiful PUBG Mobile Indonesia Pro Player

The world of PUBG Mobile is not only enlivened by adams. There are also female pro players who besides being beautiful also have qualified skills. This article will discuss the list of the most beautiful PUBG Mobile pro players on the Champions Website version.

Being beautiful is not the main capital to join an esports professional team. The main thing is good skills. Go ahead, here’s the list

1. Alice – Bigetron Esports

The Most Beautiful PUBG Mobile Indonesia Pro Player

instagram : @btr_alicee

The first PUBG Mobile prettiest pro player is Mauren Gabriella or Alice who joins the Bigetron Red Aliens team.

Before joining Bigetron, she first became part of the ladies team, namely Belletron esports.

The ladies team has become one of the most feared teams in every tournament, along with Babyla, Vien, Kyra and Lea.

While still in Belletron esports, Alice was already known as a great rusher. Then, he was appointed to join the main PUBG team, namely Bigetron Red Aliens with the Luxxy twins, Zuxxy, Microboy and Ryzen.

Now, he is back again playing with the Bigetron Ladies team

2. Meutia Maharani – ONIC eSports

Meutia Maharani – ONIC eSports

instagram : @meutiamaharani

Next is Meutia Maharani who comes from ONIC esports. He is a roster of ONIC Evil, the ladies team of the PUBG Mobile division.

Besides being beautiful, she is a great support team. His figure in the Indonesian esports world is also quite famous.

Meutia is the Campus Ambassador for PUBG Mobile Indonesia 2022. Together with Onic, this former model has made many achievements. One of them won 3 PINC Ladies which was held in 2022.

Previously he also turned out to be a basketball player with his twin and decided to switch to the world of esports to become a pro player. Wow, Meutia has a lot of talent.

3. Jolice Tania aka Lynne – Alter Ego


instagram : ae.lynne

Another beautiful and talented PUBG Pro Player is Lynne who comes from Alter Ego. In the DGL 2022 event, his team managed to occupy the third position, behind Aerowolf Zoo.

Besides being beautiful, the performance is also extraordinary. So don’t underestimate its ability.

4. Nabila ‘Babyla’ Rahmarizanti Maharani


source : instagram @btr_babyla

Then there is Meutia’s twin, Babyla aka Nabila Maharani. Besides being beautiful, she is known to be adept at helping teammates to subvert opponents.

Together with Belletron, he and his team have made many achievements in the PUBG ladies tournament. Many say that Babyla is similar to Raisa Andriana.

This beautiful woman is often verbally abused. He admitted this with his sister, Meutia, who is also an Onic Esports player.

However, this does not prevent the two of them from continuing to take part and spread their wings in the Indonesian esports world.

Well, that’s the list of the most beautiful PUBG Mobile Indonesia Pro Players. Amazed huh? Just go to their respective Instagram.

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