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The Latest NetEase Mobile MMORPG Game NeverAfter Released on Android and iOS! – NetEase Games and Guanghe Qiyuan have officially released the NeverAfter game on September 14 in SEA (Southeast Asia) including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and so on.

NeverAfter itself is a different version of the Fairy Tale Adventure RPG game on mobile, where players can create teams of various versions of fantasy stories that exist in a magical world.

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Players who have played the NeverAfter game since its release will get attractive prizes just by playing the game.

NeverAfter is set in a world where all fantasy stories actually happen, but with a slightly different twist. The characters in this world have different personalities with black magic abilities that attract attention.

Some characters that are considered good, turn out to be bad, and the evil Vilain turns out to be good, here players can create a team of these characters, combining their skills to kill those who are bad.

The gameplay of NeverAfter itself combines MMO-Style combat with card genre game elements, allowing players not only to use skills but also to show your strategy in the game.