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The Callisto Protocol Targeted as a Horror Game Series

Strike Distance targets The Callisto Protocol as a new franchise. – No one knows what The Callisto Protocol created by the creators of Dead Space via his new studio, Striking Distance. But yesterday, they officially showed the gameplay of the horror game as Dead Space with super brutal elements.

Previously, The Callisto Protocol was referred to as a horror game that would be a spin off of PUBG, but Strike Distance decided to leave its relationship with PUBG because the game has a story and a world of its own.

This decision was apparently planned by Strike Distance because they wanted The Callisto Protocol to be born as a new franchise. This means that they will release the second series and so on in the future.

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Talk to PCGamesNChief Creative Officer / CFO of Striking Distance, Chris Stone who is also the Animation Director of Dead Space explained that they wanted to make The Callisto Protocol as the start of their franchise.

Stone emphasized that their team at Striking Distance had lots of ideas for continuing The Callisto Protocol story if the horror game had a sequel in the future.