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The Best Souvenir or Keepsake in the Elden Ring

The Lands Between is a deadly place, so it’s only natural that fate would grant you a boon before pushing you to hell.

Each of these souvenirs or keepsake provides its own benefits, depending on the class chosen.

This special item follows a theme similar to the game Dark Souls: Crimson Amber Medallion replaces the Life Ring.

Golden Seed was exchanged for Estus Shard, and there was even an Elden Ring Stonesword Key that would bring more treasure.

If you want to make the experience more difficult, you can say no to the initial prize, or choose one that makes the enemy aggressive.

What is a Souvenir or Keepsake in the Elden Ring?

When building your character in the Elden Ring, you can choose an early boon (advantage) that offers a little help in the.

Similar to Souls’ grave rewards, these range from free upgrades, to items and keys that may be needed in the game. Here’s what you can get:

The Best Souvenir or Keepsake in the Elden Ring

Crimson Amber Medallion: A medal studded with Crimson Amber. Increase HP max.

Lands Between Runes: The bounty of gold that shines in the eyes of the people of Lands Between. Use it to get a lot of runes.

Golden Seeds: a golden seed stranded from the Lands Between. It is said to strengthen Sacred Flasks.

Cracked Pot: Three strange cracked pots that somehow repaired themselves. Container for certain loot items.