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The Best Locations To Push Rank and Loot on the Bermuda Free Fire Map

Garena Free Fire is a game that carries the concept of survival. This article discusses the best locations for push rank and loot on the Free Fire Bermuda Map. This battle royale genre game also offers a rank system that encourages players to master the gameplay.

There are three maps, the Bermuda map is one of them. Well, if you want to push rank on the Bermuda map, the following locations offer decent loot and maximum survival opportunities. Here’s more.

Where are the best locations to push rank and loot on the Bermuda Free Fire map?

For the record, players need to land as far as possible from the plane’s trajectory. The safety criteria itself depends on the flight path. The criteria for a safe place also do not depend on the amount of loot, but the amount that is sufficient to survive.

1 – Waterfront (Seaside)

The best location for push rank and loot on the Bermuda map is the west coast of the map. It is located precisely at the tip of the island and consists of a number of small buildings and houses dotted on the beach.

The loot available here is sufficient for solo players or a team.

2 – Best Location for Push Rank and Loot – Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the largest areas on the Bermuda map, located in the eastern part of the island. The place is a residential complex with a number of densely packed buildings and houses.

There is quite a lot of loot here, even level 3 gears to fulfill the loot needed by a team until the game ends.

3 – Hangar

The hangar is located on the westernmost side of the Bermuda Free Fire map, precisely next to the two main warehouses and a small building on the side.

This place has a lot of loot items and is usually not too crowded and crowded. Here it is quite safe to use as a landing location because it has many spots where players can escape to avoid early combat.

4 – Sentosa

Sentosa is located on the southeast side of the map. This is an island from the Bermuda map which is connected to the main island via a bridge.

Here there are several buildings and small apartments with enough loot to meet the needs of the players.

5 – Rim Nam . Village

Rim Nam Village is an extension of the Bermuda map in the southwest region. This is a small village consisting of only a few huts and buildings.

Mexico is small, but the amount of loot is very decent and is a great place to hide from enemies to avoid fights.

So, those are some of the best locations to push rank and loot on the Bermuda Free Fire Map. September be useful. Join our free tournament at and choose an available season.