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The 2022 Mobile Legends Diamond Promo Event Will Come Again!

The Diamond Mobile Legends Promo Event is one of the in-game events that has attracted a lot of attention. In 2022 this event will be held from October to November. Reportedly, the 2022 Diamond Mobile Legends Promo event will be here again.

Many don’t believe it because yesterday’s 2022 event was a special event celebrating 1 billion downloads of Mobile Legends.

However, these rumors were confirmed by the diamond promo event on the Advanced Server. That is, this event has been confirmed to be present again in the game.

What is the Diamond ML Promo Event?

There are many in-game events released by Moonton, one of which is the Promom Diamond Mobile Legends event. This is a discounted event where players can buy Hero skins at a very low price.

For example, you can buy an Epic Skin for 799 diamonds with only 1 diamond. However, only certain skins are auctioned at this event. So, not all epic skins can be purchased for 1 diamond, right.

However, the diamond that can be used to buy is not an ordinary diamond, but a yellow gold or Gold type.

You can get them through other ongoing events. You need to complete the available missions, collect items, then exchange them for Gold diamonds.

This Diamond Gold will be used to buy Epic Skins. It’s interesting, because you don’t need to spin or gacha many times. So, the prizes on offer are certain.

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When will the 2022 Mobile Legends Diamond Promo Event be Released?

This event is already available on the Advanced Server, meaning that it is confirmed to be released in the game. However, the way to play is different but the concept is the same, namely the player must be the top leaderboard and get diamond Gold.

When will it be available on the original server? Rumors will be released in September 2022. The reason is because this event is part of the Mobile Legends eParty event, also known as 515.

The biggest event to celebrate Moonton’s birthday in September. Event 515 Mobile Legends itself reportedly will be present on 15 or 16 September 2012. Of course there will be many festive things in the context of this MLBB anniversary celebration.

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