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Tesla Tower Mobile Legends, How to Get and Gameplay

Tesla Tower Mobile Legends – In order to celebrate the anniversary of Mobile Legends, Moonton presents a new turret design called Tesla Tower.

The new turret design is inspired by scientific discoveries designed by scientist Nicholas Tesla.

Nicholas Tesla himself was a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, and electrician. He is best known for his contributions to the design of alternating current (AC) electrical systems.

Tesla Tower History

Tesla Tower is a wireless power grid system that was designed in the early 20th century designed by Nikola Tesla.

The Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as the Tesla Tower, was initiated in 1901-1917 in Shoreham, New York. Initially, he built the tower for wireless networks such as sending messages, based on his theories using Earth’s atmosphere as an intermediary.

But in the middle of the road Tesla realized his creation was more than just a messenger. It turns out that Wardenclyffe Tower has the ability to collect geothermal energy and the surrounding air that can be converted into electrical energy.

Amazingly, the Wardenclyffe Tower can transmit electricity wirelessly only through a very secure ground medium.

So that there is no need for PLTU, PLTA, Sutet so that it will save massively because there is no need to connect kilometers of electricity cables anymore.

However, Tesla’s research was stopped and covered up on the grounds that it would threaten the energy industry, and was even accused of conspiracy.

How to get Tesla Tower Mobile Legends

The Tesla Tower is present in the game from 17-31 September 2022. The latest turret design can be obtained by players on a trial or permanent basis.

The trick is to do gacha in the shop section by using 30 diamonds per gacha. Steps:

  • First, open the Mobile Legends Bang Bang application
  • Then, go to the shop section and continue by selecting the Lucky Sacred Statute and the Gacha Tesla Tower
  • You need 30 diamonds for one gacha

It does take luck and a lot of diamonds to be able to get a permanent Tesla Tower.

Tesla Tower Mobile Legends Gameplay

The gameplay of the latest Mobile Legends turret is very cool, and completely new so that it makes the gameplay of this game increase.

This latest turret is different from the usual hero turret. This tower also has its own attack effect.

The effect is in the form of a shot like electricity when attacking a creep or enemy hero. Meanwhile, when the Tesla Tower is destroyed, it will leave a ball of light before it shatters into pieces.

Can I Use Diamond Promo?

As you already know, tomorrow is the last day players can use the Diamond Promo. You can take advantage of the event to get the Sacred Statue Tesla Tower.

Make the most of it because there is only one day left for those of you who have unused diamonds left. We recommend that you take advantage to get this new turret because it is a limited item.

That way, the turret looks even cooler and more attractive when you play games.