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Tenka Hyakken -Shun- Manga Confirmed To End!

Magazine September issue Comic Dengeki G in Kadokawa it revealed on Wednesday. That manga Tenka Hyakken -Shun- creation Ketsuyuki Tamon will soon end in the magazine’s next issue on September 28th.

Tamon launched this manga together Tenka Hyakken -Sai- creation Yuki Takami the same manga franchised in Dengeki G Comic in December 2022. The manga ended last December.

Tenka Hyakken -Shun- Manga Confirmed To End!

Synopsis of Tenka Hyakken -Shun- :

“This story centers around the sword girl called”Mitsurugi,” the physical incarnation of the ancient sword. They had promised to live a peaceful life after the war era, but now returned to battle to fight a new enemy that had appeared during an alternate version of the Meiji Era, three hundred years after the Battle of Sekigahara. The manga centers on Kitsunegasaki, a shy Mitsurugi, and Miyabinovice Mitsurugi users, travel together and meet various Mitsurugi on their journey of self-improvement.”

The franchise previously inspired several other manga, novels, and smartphone games titled Tenka Hyaken -Zan- in September 2022.

Source: ANN