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Talisman Elden Ring Locations - News and Game Guide

In From Software’s signature mode, Elden Ring has various items that grant powerups to your struggling Tarnished. One of those items is Talisman.

This guide will help you understand how to use the Talisman in the Elden Ring and will highlight each location.

What is a Talisman in the Elden Ring?

Talisman is an accessory in the Elden Ring. When equipped, it provides different effects such as protection, increased damage, increased FP and more.

Talismans are dropped by enemies and in-game bosses and are found in chests around Lands Between. Some Talismans are also sold by Merchant in the Elden Ring.

Talismans cannot be upgraded in the Elden Ring. You can find more powerful versions of the same Talisman as treasures.

Stronger versions have number nests for names indicating their level such as Ax Talisman +1.

To increase the total number of Talismans that you can use in the Elden Ring, you need to find Talisman Pouches. These pouches are only dropped by in-game Bosses.

Talisman’s location in the Elden Ring

Here are all the Talismans you can find in the game and their buffs.

Arrow’s Reach Talisman

Effect : Increases the effective range of the bow.

In the area south of Stormveil castle, walk down the path to get to the Gatefront. Here, defeat enemies and open chests to get talismans.

Arrow’s Sting Talisman

Effect: Increases arrow and bolt attack power

Look on the top floor of the tower next to the site of grace for a talisman.

Arsenal Charm

Effect: Increases maximum equipment weight.

The talisman was found in Stormhill. Go to the wine cellar at Stromveil Castle. Here, the talisman is looted from the body, in the room where you fought the Many Armed Key Master.

Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

Effect: Critical hits restore HP.

The talisman was dropped by the enemy Black Knife Assassin in Deathtouched Catacombs.

Ax Talisman

Effect: increases charge attacks.

In the Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave, go to the underground area in the middle of the ruins. Talisman is here, guarded by a giant bear.