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Take a peek at 4 Indonesian-made games that were popular at the time

The 4 Most Popular Indonesian Games of Its Time

Indonesia is one of the countries with great opportunities in industry games. The reason is, most of the people in this country are dominated by teenagers who still really like to play gameswhether it’s only used as a hobby to fill spare time, or used to earn income or what is now commonly referred to as e-sports.

With so many fans games in this country, this should be a good thing for the game developer in Indonesia to continue to create games innovative new so that the industry games in this country can develop rapidly.

But unfortunately, until now games made in Indonesia is still less competitive with producers games that exist abroad, because maybe this country has not paid much attention to how big the opportunities that can be obtained from the industry games.

Even so, there are some games made in Indonesia which had succeeded in making it overseas and getting a lot of positive responses. In this post, I have summarized 4 games made in Indonesia that were popular at that time, including the following:

1. DreadOut (pc)


Games This horror genre may already be familiar to your ears. At the beginning of its release in 2014, DreadOut it was time to be games the most phenomenal horror in the years that followed. How come? DreadOut seems to provide a big breakthrough for the industry games in Indonesia that in fact para developer those in this country are also able to make games that can compete internationally.

DreadOut it also gets a lot of positive responses from players thanks to the mechanics gameplaywhich is quite unique when compared to games Another horror, where you can chase away ghosts by taking pictures of them. Games it also features a horror atmosphere that is quite gripping as if you can’t wake up from a very long nightmare.

In games In this, you will play a character named Linda, a high school teenager who is trapped in a place in Bandung that is filled with spirits. The name is a game made in Indonesia, of course you will also find various typical ghosts from Indonesia, such as: kuntilanak, pocong, tuyul, et al.

Due to the popularity of DreadOut which is so big, in 2022 comes a sequel to this game with the title “DreadOut 2” which tells the continuation of Linda’s story from its predecessor game. DreadOut has also been adapted into a film with the same title in 2022.

Game Advantages:

  1. Has stunning graphics with controls movement which smooth
  2. The impression of horror is very pronounced (the aspect of the sound produced can make goosebumps for those who play it).
  3. Settings taken from regions in Indonesia.

Game Weaknesses:

  1. The time to complete the game is not too long. (about 6 hours if you want to play.)

Specifications for playing the game DreadOut:


OS Windows 7/8 64 bit

Intel dual core processor 2.4Ghz/AMD dual core Athlon 2.5Ghz

memory 2GB RAM

Graphics AMD Radeon HD 3830/Intel HD Graphics 4000

Directx Version 9.0c

Network Broadband Internet connection

Directx compatible soundcard


OS Windows 7/8 64 Bit

Processor Intel Core i5 2300/AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better

Memory 8GB RAM

Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 /AMD Radeon HD 7750 with 1 GB VRAM

Directx Version 11

Hard Drive 10GB available space

Directx compatible soundcards.

2. Guess the Image (android)

Guess the picture

Guess the picture is a game that can test your thinking intelligence. How to play it is also very easy, you are only required to compose a word/sentence from the image composition that has been provided.

Gameplay presented in games This is indeed quite simple, but with the design of each level which is quite interesting, Guess the Picture is very popular. Games This can also add to your insight, because there are some terms that you may not know.

In 2022, Guess the Picture broke into the top 4 in Google Play Store for category games best selling freebies in Indonesia.

Game advantages:

  1. Test your brain’s foresight to think.
  2. Practice typing speed (because in some levels it is limited by time, for that you have to think quickly and type correctly and quickly).

Weaknesses of the game:

  1. Graphics displayed may still be simple (in my opinion).
  2. The update level is taking too long.

3. Tofu Round (android)

Round Tofu

Round Tofu is games which was very popular in 2022 – 2022. As the title suggests, in games In this case, you will act as a tofu seller who must continue to develop his round tofu business in order to get many customers.

Tofu Round becomes games which was phenomenal in that era with its very distinctive music and the style of the car like a round tofu seller that seemed to always stick in the minds of the players. Games Tofu Bulat indirectly succeeded in making Indonesian specialties “Tofu Round” known by more people.

Games This is very suitable to play for those of you who are looking for games which is not complicated, because all you need to do is keep pressing the screen cell phone to bring in customers. Games it also continues even if you don’t play it, making it even easier to complete.

Game advantages:

  1. The easy way to play can attract interest from various circles to play games this.
  2. The background describes the area of ​​Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali, etc.).

Weaknesses of the game:

  1. Not comfortable playing for long (get bored quickly).

4. Bima X Satriya Garuda (android)

Bima X

Bima X Satriya Garuda is a fighting games which is an adaptation of the television show of the same name that was popular in the past few years. Even though it’s true games this is completely not made by Indonesian people, because developeritself is Bandai Namco Games which is a company games from Japan, however games this is still games with the most interesting Indonesian theme because the overall character designs are made very similar to the television show.

control system of games This is already very smooth, also supported by the ease of the attack combination system that is given, making Bima X Satriya Garuda can be played by various ages, especially children, because the elements of violence in this game are not shown in detail.

Game advantages:

  1. The characters provided are quite complete.
  2. The graphics displayed are quite good.
  3. There are various moves.
  4. Small game size.

Disadvantages of Games:

  1. The game mode is lacking (only against the computer), it should be added such as being able to fight with friends, etc.

That’s all I can say regarding “4 Games Made in Indonesia that Was Popular at the Time”. Have you ever played any of the four games the? Please let me know in the comments column.

Don’t forget to always visit us because this blog will continue to provide interesting information about the world games.

Thank you


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