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Synopsis of The Founder, The True Story of the Eliminated McDonald's Pioneer, Shows at Trans TV Cinemas September 1, 2022 at 20.30

CHAMPIONS.MY.ID – Synopsis The Founder is set in the 1950s in southern California, United States. The film tells the story of Ray Kroc (Michael Kreaton) who is a salesman who has big ambitions even though he is already 52 years old.

Kroc is a salesman who sells a brand of milkshake mixers. One time, he got a large mixer order from a restaurant in California.

When they got there, Kroc found out that the name of the restaurant was McDonald’s. He also meets Richard “Dick” (Nick Offerman) and Maurice “Mac” (John Caroll Lynch).

Kroc was impressed by the speed of the two of them in making food and saw the potential of a huge franchise in them.

At first, Mac and Dick refused because they had tried this before but failed.

But after Kroc’s persuasion, the two brothers finally agreed to open a branch with Kroc in charge.

Synopsis of The Founder – Brand and Business Names Taken Over by Kroc

The business began to grow and was known to many people. However, Kroc often clashed with the two McDonald’s brothers over disagreements.

Until one day, Kroc took over all ownership of the business with the McDonald’s brand from Mac and Dick.

Both were so disappointed that even Mac fell ill from the shock of having his business taken away. Kroc had time to visit Mac to see his condition as well as to complete an unfinished contract.

The final agreement was that the McDonald brothers received a check for $2.7 and both acquired the rights to their original restaurant in California.

But, unfortunately, Mac and Dick are required to change the name of the restaurant, can no longer use the name McDonald’s

After that, Kroc founded the McDonald’s Corporation and he was eventually known as “The Founder of McDonald’s” by forgetting the two brothers as owners and early drafters.

After that, McDonald’s was increasingly successful and expanded to all states of the United States and even established branches abroad.

At the end of the film is inserted a message that is very touching and may be remembered by those who watch.

The message was delivered directly by Ray Kroc. He said that “People who are persistent and have a strong determination will beat people who are talented, clever or genius”. *** (Nurna)

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