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Sticky Bomb PUBG New Grenade PUBG Mobile 1.3

The addition of the Karakin map to the PUBG Mobile beta brings a lot of new features in it. One of them is a new grenade item, the Sticky Bomb PUBG.

This item is present for the first time on the PUBG Mobile 1.3 patch. Here’s information about Sticky Bomb PUBG that you need to know.

Sticky Bomb, PUBG Mobile’s New Grenade 1.3

The new patch is out. Players can see many new features that are presented and some can even change the gameplay of PUBG Mobile.

For example, the thun wall feature on the Karakin Map will change many game strategies that are usually used on other PUBG Mobile maps.

One of the items used to assist the thin wall feature is a sticky bomb. The item is a grenade that can stick to the wall when thrown.

One of the helper items for features thin wall This is a sticky bomb, which is a grenade that can stick to the itembox when thrown. This bomb is perfect for detonating thin wall which is on the Karakin Map.

Sticky Bomb is already present on the PC version. That’s because the Karakin map itself has been on PC for a long time and the Mobile version has a map called Livik.

For those of you players of the FPS genre game, you may already be familiar with this item because it can be said to be similar to Bomb C4 in shooting games.

Disadvantages of Sticky Bomb

Players can throw these new explosives and they will do whatever it takes. After a while, the phone attached to the explosive rang and the charge exploded, blowing away doors, fragile walls, and surrounding players.

This is the lack of Sticky Bomb, the item will emit a very loud sound when it explodes. Muush can also tell if there is a Sticky Bomb nearby.

Advantages of Sticky Bomb

PUBG’s regular grenades roll or bounce, but Sticky Bombs can be stuck anywhere meaning they can come from any angle.

One gamer said he saw players chasing other players into a small closet. Players outside attach Sticky Bombs to the vault door of the cupboard. There was no chance of survival for the players inside.

Because if he comes out he will be shot, while if he stays inside then he will be hit by a bomb explosion.

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