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Soon, Gintama Comics Continues via App!

Dafunda Otaku – Now, the Gintama comic will be back and it is confirmed that it will continue via its special application, namely Gintama App in Chapter 702. When is the release schedule?

Gintama Manga Continued Attendance Schedule

The chapter will return to be a continuation and be ready to be present right on the date September 13 coming this year. In addition, the comic will come with a climax.

Just a little flashback, Gintama is a series created by mangaka Hideaki Sorachi which was first released in 2003 ago. Then, this series got an adaptation of an anime series in 2006 which was done by Sunrise Studio before finally being worked on by Studio BNP.

In addition, the anime itself had aired on Indosiar in 2011. So if you think you’ve seen it in the past, maybe you’ve watched it on local television channels at a glance.