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Somali to Mori Manga Gets Anime Adaptation!

Reporting from an official website that opened on Saturday has announced that, manga by Yako Gureishi entitled Somali to Mori (Somali to Mori no Kamisama) will be adapted into a television anime series and will premiere this fall.

Somali To Mori

Later in the anime Somali to Mori, the actress named Inori Minase will play the main character named Somali. Whereas Daisuke Ono will act as Golem (you can see below) in this anime. The staff will hold special auditions for the cast of characters and discuss further details for the anime.

This manga tells the story of a world ruled by spirits, monsters, while humans in this world are persecuted and almost extinct from the face of the earth. While a girl was on a journey in the forest, she met a golem (guardian of the forest). The storyline begins when they become father and son which makes them very happy.

Somali To Mori

Gureishi launched his own manga on the manga website in September 2015. Company Tokuma Shoten published a 5-volume lineup last September, and the sixth volume will be published on September 20th.

Source: ANN