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Solve PCU Milenstone Challenges Peak MLBB All Star To Claim Prizes

Solve PCU Milenstone Challenges MLBB All Star Peak To Claim Prizes – September is a special month for Mobile Legends because this month Moonton celebrates its anniversary titled 515.

After MPL Season 7 ended, Moonton held a fun match, namely MLBB All Star 2022, which brought together the Lemon team and the Emperor team.

The members of each team are selected from fan voting. The ranks of the Lemon and Emperor teams viz.

Lemon Team

  • REKT (EVOS Legends)
  • SANZ (ONIC Esports)
  • Frzz (Geek Fam ID)
  • Bkent (KOL)
  • Dwiwoii (KOL)

Emperor Team

  • Udil (Alter Ego)
  • Branz (Bigetron Alpha) – replaced MATT
  • God1va (AURAFIRE)
  • Bravo (Genflix Aerowolf)
  • Oura (KOL)

On September 22 after the peak of the 515 eparty celebrations, the two teams competed. Of course, it is very interesting to watch the tension of the two teams fight.

Solve PCU Milenstone Challenges To Get Attractive Prizes

Now, tonight the highlight of the 515 MLBB All Star event has arrived. Two star-studded teams meet on the 2022 All Star Match stage.

Which team will shine brighter? Team Lemon or Emperor? Which one is your choice? There will be many prizes that you can get.

To get it you need to take part in the PCU Milestone Challenges. You do this by participating as a spectator during the MLBB All Star live streaming.

PCU Milenstone itself is the Peak of Simultaneous Audience, which is the highest number of viewers who watch videos during live broadcasts.

PCU Milestone Challenge

15K PCU = Magic Wheel Potion x100

25K PCU = Magic Wheel Potion x100, Elite Skin x10

50K PCU = Magic Wheel Potion x100, Elite Skin x15, STUN Skin x6

75K PCU = Elite Skin x15, STUN Skin x6, Epic Limited Skin x2, Epic Recall Effect x1

100K PCU = Epic Limited Skin x3, Epic Recall Effect x4, Legend Skin x1

There hasn’t been an hour of live streaming, the Milenstone PCU level 1 has been achieved even more than the target.

To get a prize, you must have a reedem code first. Well, this reedem code is obtained during the live streaming.

So don’t miss it and keep an eye on the live streaming of the peak of the 515 MLBB All Star event so you can claim as many redeem codes as possible.

PCU Millenstone Challenges


You can watch the MLBB All Star fun match on the Mobile Legends Youtube Channel. Facebook or Nimo TV.