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Shuumatsu Gaiden Genshin Impact Achievment Guide

Travelers can unlock the Shuumatsu Gaiden achievement by completing Gendou Ringo’s Strange Fortune Slips (Hidden Exploration Objectives).

These Hidden Exploration Objectives take place on four separate real-life days, so you can’t get achievements in one sitting.

How to Get Achievment Shuumatsu Gaiden in Genshin Impact

One of the prerequisites for doing the Hidden Exploration Objective is interacting with Gendou Ringo first.

To do so, head southeast of Grand Narukami Shrine. There will be an NPC named Gendou Ringo behind the counter, so talk to him and interact with the Fortune Slip Box.

Once done, move on to the next section to start the Hidden Exploration Objective to unlock the Achievment Shuumatsu Gaiden.

Day 1

Shuumatsu Gaiden Genshin Impact Achievment Guide

  • Defeat some Fatui enemies on the eastern fence of the Teleport Waypoint south of Araumi. There must be an Electrohammer Vanguard, Geochanter Bracer, and Pyroslinger Bracer.
  • Interact with items near regular chests. It should be read as “Tattered Notes”
  • Return to Gendou Ringo at Grand Narukami Shrine
  • Draw a fortune slip. If you have done this action today, you will have to wait until the next reset.
  • Talk to Gendou Ringo and choose “(Hand over the lucky slip) in the middle of the foggy night”

Defeat Mourisu’s Fireblade. After doing so, Paimon will do some dialogue, and you will need to wait until the next daily reset to continue.