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Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses Scarlet Manga

Dafunda Otaku – Publishing Company Sven Seas Entertainment announced on Tuesday that, they will be licensing the manga Yuri creation Chiri Yuino that is Scarlet. The company will release the series physically and digitally, and the manga volume itself will be compiled for the first time and will ship on September 11, 2022.

This manga itself tells the story of a person who swallows a forbidden drug that makes him starve for blood, namely Fine Herabecause of that incident, he made a pact with a really cute person named Red Riding Hooda werewolf.

Iris Redhood herself offered to help Fine with her bloodlust, however, the services she did had to be properly paid for. Therefore, they are now narcotics officers on the hunt for the drugs that will save Fine.

Chiri herself launched the Scarlet manga series in the company’s magazine Ichijinsha that is Yuri Hime Comic last year 2022. Ichijinsha previously released the volume for the compiled book on September 18.

Source: ANN