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Septemberhem Mode Mobile Legends 2022, There Are 4 New Heroes

Many Mobile Legends players are looking forward to this Septemberhem Mobile Legends 2022 mode. The reason is because all the heroes in this mode are very OP, so Moonton’s abilities are exaggerated. As a result, the game becomes more and more fun.

For example, Selena can remove 5 catfish from her 2nd skill, Gusion can issue 10 daggers from her 2nd skill, and much more.

This mode is specially made by Montoon so that players are not curious about this Mobile Legends hero cheat. In 2022, Septemberhem Mode has 4 new heroes, you know, who are they? Here’s more.

This Septemberhem mode itself was actually created by Moonton for players to have fun, so that players are not curious about MLBB hero cheats.

4 New Hero Mode Septemberhem Mobile Legends 2022

Mayhem Mode Mobile Legends 2021

1. Benedetta

Outside of Septemberhem mode, Benedetta is considered to be very OP thanks to her skills which are quite annoying. This hero with the Assassin role is also flexible and can be placed in any position.

For example, RRQ Psychoo once played Bendetta as a tank roamer during M2. The speed of this hero skill also deals very painful damage to the opponent and is able to slow down their movement speed.

Of course, the opponent will be made difficult during the fight. It’s interesting to see how Benedetta’s skill increases. Will it be more OP?

2. Mathilda

The second new hero present in the 2022 mayhem mode is Mathilda. This hero with a support role is also quite flexible because it can move freely and has a fairly high cap.

Mathilda can also give teammates the ability to fly. It seems that many players will use Mathilda because her flight skills can block the opponent’s movement.

3. Yve-Astrowarden

The hero that was just released by Moonton, Yve-Astrowarden immediately got a slot in the Septemberhem Mode of Mobile Legends 2022.

Outside of Septemberhem, Yve is still considered OP to play in regular modes such as Classic or Ranked. That’s because his skills overwhelm the opponent.

While in his Septemberhem, Ulimate mode, Real World Manipulation will increase. The area created will also become wider and make him more immune from airborne.

When the ultimate is issued, Yve can also tap or slide towards the enemy. It’s getting scary, isn’t it?

4. Barats

This two in one hero is also present in Septemberhem Mode. Barats and his dinosaur named Detona will make your game even more fun.

Barats deals damage to the opponent as a tank and fighter hero. His crowd control skill is quite good for the team thanks to skill 2 and ultimate that can swallow opponents with Detona.

Wow, can Barats devour five heroes at once during Septemberhem Mode? It’s interesting to look forward to.

There will be an Easter Egg

easter egg mlbb

Moonton announced that there will be an Easter Egg in Septemberhem Mode this time. The Easter Egg itself has appeared on the MLBB Festival Map during the Easter event.

This item is hidden in the jungle area and can give the player who finds it special powers. Like the hero getting bigger, faster, or the skill being multiplied.

When Will Septemberhem Mode Release on Original Server?

Already curious to play mayhem mode? Especially with the presence of the four new heroes described above.

The question is, when will this Septemberhem Mode be released on the original server. The release date is September 20, 2022. Come on, play it and feel the excitement!