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September Update, CS:GO Introduces Patch Feature!

September Update, CS:GO Introduces Patch Feature!Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) recently introduced a new feature in their latest update which this update itself was released a few days ago, on 2/24/2022 to be exact.

There have been many updates and improvements made by Valve Corporation as the developer of this Fps genre game. With the presence of an update that was released a few days ago, the developer hopes that the players can play the game more comfortably and safely.

In the previous version CS:GO itself received various complaints from its players, they claimed to have found various bugs such as bugs in the Breach map, the Studio map, in addition to bugs on the map there were other bugs such as the bug of no damage when the granades were released, and some players claimed to experience stuck while crossing the map barrier.

September Update, CS:GO Introduces Patch Feature!

With the release of the latest update from CS:GO, the developer has done bug fixing or bug fixes for various complaints from players. In addition to making improvements to the bug, this update also brings some changes to the Map Breach side, which changes to the Bombiste A location.

It’s not enough that the developers have also added a new feature which they call the Patch, this patch itself serves to customize agents, maps, weapons, and stickers that can be used now to make your character look cooler.

However, the drawback of this patch feature is that it can only be used once, and it is relatively easy to get it through the opening crate, or buy it directly.

Intrigued by the details of the latest CS:GO update?, here we describe the details!

Patch Notes for 2/24/2022


  • Introducing patches – new customization items that can be applied to any agent you own. Once applied, the patch can be removed but not restored.
  • Added support for agent shuffles equipped in their loading slots.


  • Added agents equipped to purchase menus.
  • Moved the purchase view of goods to the buy wheel.
  • Bringing up the buy menu will now center the mouse pointer to the center of the buy wheel.
  • Added localization support for currency symbol positions for in-game prices.
  • Added support for editing and previewing crosshairs in game options.
  • Added support for sharing and importing crosshair sharing codes.



  • Fixed the stuck place in the middle
  • Fixed length. Wingman clip not working
  • Added additional clippings to the middle ladder
  • Minor visual fix
  • Prevent weapons from being cut through the door near the site window.
  • Cuts the mark on the A-long, preventing the player (and the bomb) from reaching the top.
  • Clipping improved in some areas.

– Studio

  • Improved clipping and geometry around the site.
  • The top window removed the unplayable area above site B.
  • Fixed players not taking damage from bomb detonation.
  • Clipping improved on the map.
  • Fixed bomb stuck spots.
  • Fixed an issue with players leaving the map.
  • Better visuals than CT/T Streets
  • Added bomb target decals to each site.


  • AWP’s curling motion acceleration is now constant and won’t spike after firing a shot.
  • Increased max fps max limit to 400 to support monitors with higher refresh rates.
  • Fixed a transformation matrix bug where navblockers were installed via rotated dot templates.
  • Fixed underwater rendering crash on OSX.