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Sci-Fi Manga “Levius” Gets Anime Series Adaptation

Company Netflix announced on Friday that the Sci-Fi manga, titled Levius property of Haruhisa Nakata will be adapted into an anime series, later, they themselves will produce this series.

The adaptation will premiere worldwide in September 2022. As a bonus, Netflix is ​​showing off a promotional teaser which you can check out below:

Levius Anime Synopsis

This anime tells the story of a world that is still in an era where devices are still powered by steam, people who use machines on their bodies, and cyber-boxing battles are very popular.

The storyline begins when there is a young man named Levius involved in a fight that led him to break through his own destiny. Because of the talent he has, he will become a successful person in the future, therefore, he is honing his talent so that this world is more advanced than it is now.


Nakata launched his manga titled Levius in the magazine Shogakukan Monthly Ikki in September 2013 and ended in September 2014. The manga was later reissued in the magazine Shueisha Ultra Jump in September 2015.

Company Shogakukan published three volumes for this manga, while the company Shueisha published the fifth volume for the Levius manga in September.

Source: ANN