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Scantheprint Xyz Among Us, Work or Scam?

Scantheprint Xyz Aming Us is a live wallpaper provider site for the Among Us game. The live wallpaper here looks real and is very similar to one of the missions in the game.

So that many Among Us lovers flock to this site to download wallpapers.

How to Get Free Wallpaper on the xyz Among Us Scanprinter Site

For players who want to download wallpapers from the Scanprinter, you can go through the browser. Here’s how:

  • Open a browser, whether it’s chrome, Firefox, Safari or others, then visit the site
  • Later, you will be asked to enter the country where you live
  • You will also be asked to choose the type of cellphone operating system used, whether Android or iOS
  • If so, click the download button

How is the result?

In many cases, including the author, when pressing the download button, instead of the downloaded wallpaper, they are asked to fill out a survey.

Not just one survey, if the first survey is completed, it is continued to fill out the next survey. And so on and the wallpaper is not also downloaded.

That’s why many say this site is a scam or fraud. Many have tried to download this live wallpaper but none of them have succeeded even though they have completed the mission.

Besides Scanprinter Xyz, there are other similar sites that work similarly, namely Amg33 Xyz. Try to visit the site and do the download.

As a result, you will constantly be asked to fill out quizzes and the results are scams. There is no free live wallpaper that they claim on their site.

In addition to the browser version, Scantheprinter also turns out to provide an android application version that can be downloaded through the site.

However, the result is the same. wallpapers can’t be downloaded. Users are constantly being asked to fill out unclear surveys.


So, it’s clear, scantheprint xyz Among Us is a wallpaper download site that doesn’t work, doesn’t work, aka a scam.

Even though the survey has been filled out completely, it still can’t download wallpapers like they offer.

You also need to be careful if there are sites that don’t clearly ask for an email address and password because they have the potential to be hacked. Don’t let you just waste your time and quota.

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