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Scams Through SMS Can Be Tracked And Penalized

Government information from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) Confirms the violations committed by irresponsible people through sms mode. And the government has issued a regulation regarding the registration of telecommunication service customers, both in terms of postpaid and prepaid which has been regulated in Ministerial regulation number 23/M.Kominfo/10/2005 regarding registration problems for telecommunication service subscribers in Indonesia.

The rules are intended in addition to violations of telecommunications services, as well as to reduce other forms of violations such as cases of fraud that are often obtained by users in the form of SMS mode.

Habits of fraud committed are in the form of services that are not desired by the recipient of the message or also fraud in the form of offering a product of an item. With a case that harms many people, the government has taken a policy that the number that sends spam via SMS can be traced, if it is found, it will be subject to sanctions commensurate with its actions.

Now the point is that now many people are used to registering carelessly, the impact is felt on those who do hide their identities. But now if you want to buy a card and register, you can’t register yourself, you have to go through an official outlet to register the card you want to use. Said a member of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (BRTI), I Ketut Prihadi Kresna after a press conference to discuss the issue at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics office, Jakarta, Tuesday (15/12).

In the future, for customers who are proven guilty, we will take firm action and we may be penalized for the fraud case,” he said.