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“Saki” Manga Gets Spinoff in September!

Dafunda Otaku – Magazine from the company Square Enix that is Young Gangan had revealed on Friday that, manga by Ritz Kobayashi and Meki Meki will collaborate with Someya Mako no Janso meshi and manga Saki also got the latest spin-off from Kobayashi.

Later, this spin-off will tell Mako Someya who works as well as a member of the mahjong team, Kiyosumi High. Meanwhile, the story will combine a restaurant and gourmet mahjong. The manga will debut in Young Gangan magazine on September 7.

Manga Saki

Previously, Ritz Kobayashi’s Saki manga was forced to go on hiatus in September starting with the seventh issue of Young Gangan this year, because of this, they inevitably had to give it a spin-off. Later, the manga will continue in the magazine in its 11th issue which will ship on September 17.

Apparently, Kobayashi and Meshi also collaborated with Toki, is the fifth spin-off manga based on the Saki manga. Toki previously debuted in Square Enix’s magazine Monthly Big Gangan in September 2022. While the manga itself tells of a person named Toki Onjojiis a team member of the mahjong team Senriyama Girl.