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Sadistic Horror Game Oxide Room 104 Releases with Disgusting Trailer

Don’t play this horror game if you can’t stand the sight of blood. – The immersive nature of a video game is put into practice very well when a developer decides to make a horror game.

Various ways are done by developers to develop horror games, ranging from giving ghosts to chase the main character, to giving an uncomfortable feel. But not a few who provide elements of blood, sadism, and something disgusting like Oxide Room 104.

Wildsphere’s Oxide Room 104 was finally released last night and is ready to make anyone feel not only the horror through its mental attacks, but also the incredible disgust through the blood and creatures that can’t be described in words in the horror game.

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Wildsphere combines escape room gameplay with horror in Oxide Room 104. You will play as Matthew who is kidnapped by mad scientists to a motel.

Players will start the adventure in the horror game as Matthew who wakes up in a motel bathtub naked, injured, and not knowing what happened to him. He only remembers his wrong promise.

Now, Matthew must escape from the motel room with the horror, gore, and a lot of disgusting things in it.