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Rows of MLBB Collaboration Skins Until 2022, Which is the Best?

Rows of MLBB Collaboration Skins Until 2022, Which is the Best?

MLBB has successfully issued collaboration skins, even though at the beginning there was only KoF, it turns out that in 2022 there are many collaboration skins that are presented.

It is recorded that until 2022 there have been approximately 6 franchises collaborating with MLBB.

MLBB Collaboration Skin

 King of Fighters

First, obviously there is King of Fighters, where from this collaboration there are 6 cool skins that you can have, namely Chou – Iori Yagami, Gusion – K', Guinevere – Athena Asamiya, Dyrroth – Orochi Chris, Aurora – Kula Diamond, Dan Karina – Leona .

Diamond MLBB Cheap

Star Wars

Next is Star Wars, collaborating with one of the leading franchises in the world of cinema, MLBB has released 4 cool skins, namely Argus – Darth Vader, Cyclops – Master Yoda, Alucard – Obi Wan Kenobi and Kimmy – Jet Trooper.

Event Quest Transformers 2022
source: YT VY Gaming
One of the franchise movies that is no less famous, even though this collaboration is taken from the comic version, you can see that the appearance of the skin is quite different from the movie.

From this collaboration there are 6 cool skins to date, namely Johnson - Optimus Prime, Granger - Megatron, Xborg - Bumblebee, Aldous - Starscream, Roger - Grimlock, Popol & Kupa - Soundwave & Ravager.

Sanrio Characters
Pola MLBB x Sanrio
It's not only spooky, because Moonton also collaborates with funny characters from Sanrio. You could say it's also a collaboration with Hello Kitty and Friend.

From this collaboration, there are 4 cool skins, namely Angela – Hello Kitty, Claude – Badtzmaru, Chang'e – Pom pom Purin, Floryn – Cinnamoroll.

Unlike the usual collaboration skins, this skin actually has a cool name like Floryn – Fluffy Dreams.

Kungfu Panda
Mobile Legends Kung Fu Panda
Photo via Vy Gaming
The next collaboration skin is Kungfu Panda. From this collaboration, three cool skins are produced, namely Akai - Po, Ling - Lord Shen and Thamuz - General Kai.

It's a shame that even though Lord Shen's skin is good, you can say it's just a cosplay from Ling.

Saint Seiya
Harga Skin Saint Seiya
source: YT VY Gaming
Finally, there is a collaboration that will be present in October 2022.

Collaborating with cool old anime, this collaboration is quite expensive because it brings two modes for each hero so it's different from the previous 6 heroes with 6 skins, in collaboration with Saint Seiya there are only 3 heroes with 6 skins. Cool.

There is Badang with Pegasus Seiya and Sagittarius Seiya then Chou with Dragon Shiryu and Libra Shiryu, lastly there is Valir with Phoenix Ikki and Leo Ikki.

Which of these MLBB collaboration skins do you think is the best?