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Roger's Item Build Recommendation, Auto Easy Maniac!

Recommended Items Build Roger Mobile Legends

Roger is Mobile Legends heroes with
role fighter/marksman which is currently quite popular in use. Its mobility speed as well as its magnitude damage of each skill becomes one of the main factors why hero This is quite often used to fill positions as jungler.

Roger is known as hero which is quite agile when warhe can go in and out war quickly with the various skills it has. Not only that, Roger is also known as jungler independent because
hero it’s very fast in doing farming.

If supported with the right items, Roger can do
snowball quickly because hero it already has

which has been terrible since early game. Therefore, to be able to maximize Roger’s potential, you must understand what items you should buy when using this wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Then, like what? build the most appropriate item for Roger? To find out the answer, let’s just look at the following discussion:


1. Swift Boots

Swift Boots

Swift Boots
is a shoe item that can increase attack speed hero you are 15%. With this item, basic attack Roger will feel faster so you guys can do farming more easily.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to add Bloody Retributionbecause of the effect that can burn lives hero enemy for a few seconds will greatly benefit Roger when carrying out an attack.

2. Wind Talker

Wind Talker

Wind Talker
is an item attack speed Roger’s second after Swift Boots.
Extra amount attack speed obtained from
Wind Talker used by Roger to do farming even faster.

Why was the first attack speed item made? Why not War Ax first?

You need to remember that Roger is a hero by type
DPS damageand Wind Talker is one item that is very suitable to be used as a supporter. For those of you who don’t understand what type of damage is DPS you can see my post with the title
“Tips for Determining Counter Hero Marksman Items (Mobile Legends)”.

Besides, Roger really needs items attack speed since
early game to be able to do farming quickly. That’s why Wind Talker prioritized because it is considered more effectively used on Roger when compared to other items.

3. War Ax

War Ax

Roger’s next recommended item is War Ax. Yep, for you user fighter assassin certainly will not be foreign to this item. War Ax is an item that can increase
physical penetration as well as movement speed hero We.
War Ax

in META now it is indeed a very popular item thanks to its very useful effects in battlefield.

For Roger, War Ax makes it even more ferocious when doing attacks in wolf mode. In addition, thanks to the addition movement speed The results obtained make Roger more flexible to go in and out war.

4. Endless Battle

Endless Battle

Endless Battle
very often appears in various item recommendation posts because the effects of these items are very diverse. Endless Battle have effect
true damage from basic attack which will be very useful for
hero with role marksman like Roger.

Not only that, Endless Battle it also has an effect
lifesteal which can make Roger more survive when you enter war. Don’t forget the effect 10% cooldown reduction which can make it easier for Roger to spam skills.

With so many effects, it’s no wonder that Endless Battle become a must-use item in almost all role marksman.

5. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair

The next item is Blade of Despair, or what you usually know by the name BoD. This item actually doesn’t have much effect, but because of the addition physical attack-its very big
(160 physical attacks)make This item is very well known
over power if used in phase late games.

As is Blade of Despair, so damage Roger will greatly increase drastically, which allows you to easily slaughter all enemies that come.

However, the price of the item that is too expensive is often an obstacle because hero you will definitely need more time to
farming first before ready to dive into war.

Therefore, if your team is in a state of urgency, my advice is to just buy it
Malefic Roar due to effect physical penetration-Its large size is enough to make Roger stronger when carrying out attacks.

6. Immortality


After the previous 5 items are all items damage, then now is the time to buy items defense so that your Roger is not easily affected pick off by the enemy.

Of the many items defense available, I advise you to use Immortality because of items defense this one is very suitable for use hero with role jungler.

Effect from Immortality who can make hero you coming back to life are often saviors in very dire situations. Besides, with the Immortalitythen your mental will be even more ready to do war.


1. Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon

Winter Truncheon
is a magic item that you can use as a substitute
Immortalitybecause this item can make hero We
immune of everything damage for 2 seconds.

However, keep in mind that the effects of Winter Truncheon you have to activate it manually. Therefore, sometimes this item will not be useful to player who gets nervous easily like me,
Before I could use Winter, the hero already died :v

2. Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature

As well as Winter Truncheon, Wind of Nature it can also make hero We immune to
damage from the enemy, it’s just the effect immune This only applies to physical damage.

If you are using this item then it gets hit damage from
hero mage yes the result will be the same because of the effect immuneonly applies to physical damage.

Wind of Nature is very suitable to be used on Roger because this item will protect Roger from enemy attacks for a while. Well, even if only
immune to physical damage of course, but it’s still useful, especially when it’s entering a phase late game where anything is possible.


Assassin’s Emblem

Assassin's Emblem

The most appropriate emblem recommendation for Roger is the emblem
assassinbecause Roger was designed as hero thirsty for kill which is very suitable when combined with emblems assassin which is more likely to be used to get kills.


High and Dry

For talent emblem, I recommend you to use talent “High and Dry” because every get
kill, hero

you will get movement speed as well as additional HP so that
hero who often play bars like Roger can last longer when war.




is spell which is very appropriate to be used as Roger considering his ability which is ideal as jungler.

I also recommend you to use
“Bloody Retribution”

because this effect is very suitable to be used on Roger, like it’s easier to get kill that’s the time to use Bloody Retribution
compared to type Retribution another.


Septemberbe that’s all my post this time regarding the build item recommendation from Roger. If there is anything you want to add, just write it in the comments column.

Thank you


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