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RIP Football 1863-2022: Memes Flood Social Media After Top Club Announces Formation of the European Super League

In Football’s All-Out War (so pundits describe it), UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin warned that clubs joining the European Super League would be banned from all organizational competitions.

Meanwhile, FIFA also banned the players from competing in the World Cup. It hasn’t been a day since a top football club announced the formation of the European Super League (ESL), it seems the competition has become the most hated sporting event.

Former athletes, active players and sports experts have strongly criticized the creation of ESL. Some have branded it a “crime” and said football was on the verge of collapse.

Although football fans were devastated, they seemed to remember the old adage – when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade – and rushed to create memes about the European Super League.

Many netizens made fun of the tournament logo and imagined what a tournament match ball would look like.

Others draw attention to the fact that Tottenham and Arsenal, currently ranked seventh and ninth in the Premier League, are not strong enough to compete in the ESL.

12 Giant Teams Have Joined

Currently, 12 teams have agreed to join the European Super League:

  • La Liga – Atlético Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  • Serie A – Inter, AC Milan and Juventus.
  • Premier League (English Premier League) – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham.

UEFA, as well as several domestic football leagues, have pledged to do everything they can to stop what they describe as a “cynical project.

A project founded on the vested interests of several clubs at a time when society needs solidarity more than ever.

The plan is not only 12 clubs, but the European Super League will also invite other giants from the Bundesliga. They are Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and RB Leipzig, as well as Paris Saint-Germain.

Later this competition format will be a league containing 12 permanent founders. Plus eight additional teams that can change, according to team performance, bringing a total of 20 teams.

Plans to form the European Super League emerged during the pandemic. The club that initiated the ESL argued that they wanted to improve the quality and intensity of European competition throughout the season. And also create a format for top clubs and players to compete on a regular basis.

Madrid president Florentino Perez was appointed president of ESL. While Juventus President, Andrea Agnelli, Liverpool owner, John Hendry and MU owner, Joel Glazer as representatives.

The competition is planned to start from September to September 2022. Participants will get a pretty fantastic performance fee, around 200 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 6 T and can increase according to their performance in the field.

Resistance Everywhere

In addition to players, ex-players and sports experts, supporters who are the main elements in the club are also strongly opposed.

The reason is because the gathering of elite European teams in a separate tournament will close the birth of healthy football competition.

Small teams cannot compete with the best teams, while the strong are getting stronger and richer. The competition, which only brought together elite teams, was considered to violate the principle of fair play.

Six groups of Premier League Big Six supporters also rejected the idea. Several players and coaches whose team participated also refused, such as Bruno Fernandes and Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea manager.

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