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Riot Games Officially Announces New Valorant Agent Named Killjoy

Since its launch last month, Valorant has now become one of the most popular FPS (First-person Shooter) games and is much loved by professional gamers and streamers. Well, recently Riot Games officially announced the presence of agent new woman for Valorant named Killjoy.

Previously, it was known that Valorant’s new agent had leaked on one of Valorant’s datamined twitter accounts. Killjoy is a genius inventor from Germany who has a high level of technology to provide a strong defense.

Valorant's new agent named Killjoy is officially announced
Valorant’s new agent, Killjoy (photo/Riot Games)

In addition, Killjoy has four abilities namely Alarmbot, Turret, Nanoswarm, and Lockdown (ultimate). Alarmbot is practically the same as Razer’s bot. However, this skill of his will only be silent and if the enemy is hit by an explosion from the AlarmBot it will be exposed to double damage.

Meanwhile, Turret is Killjoy’s skill that can shoot enemies automatically. It has the exact same mechanics as an ordinary turret, where it will attack automatically when the enemy is nearby. Then there is the Nanoswarm which is a remote grenade and can be activated remotely using the remote. Enemies within the range of this ability will die instantly.

Lastly, there is Lockdown, a skill ultimate hers that is able to cover a certain area and make the opponent unable to issue their skills.

Killjoy is scheduled to appear in Act II Valorant next week. Interestingly, Riot also announced that Killjoy’s playlist can now be enjoyed through its Spotify page.