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Lately, many generator sites have sprung up, one of which is This site offers a variety of free items ranging from weapons, costumes, and so on. With the lure of free, many players are tempted for sure.

But is it true that this site will provide free items according to what they offer? Is rewardff2022 also the official site of Garena? Check the facts below.

Ff Reward Site Work or Scam?

Reward ff is an online generator site where there are many free gifts offered without spending any diamonds. Players are certainly very happy with sites like this because they can get special items for free.

But is it true that the site can produce free items? If we open the first page, there will be various sets of outfits, weapon skins, and free diamonds up to 7290 diamonds.

You can choose one of the many prizes by selecting the “take” option. If we click grab, it will be taken to the next page in the form of a facebook login display. You are asked to fill in your email address and password. Offers Free Items, Check the Facts!

However, the address does not refer to but rather a fake display. So they make a UI design like facebook so they want to enter their email and password.

Here the admin tries to enter a random address and random password. Then it is taken to the verification page. The site asks for everything from a nick name to the question, have you ever had an elite pass?


Be careful, because this is a phishing website. Phishing is a method of committing fraud by tricking the target with the intention of stealing the target’s account. Later, if you enter your Facebook email address and password, your account will be hacked.

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In conclusion, reward ff is a phishing site or an attempt by hackers to take your facebook account. Don’t be tempted by the lure of free items and diamonds, don’t just log in without knowing whether it’s the official Garena site or a scam.

Check the facts first to avoid unwanted events. Beware, lately there are many fake generator sites scattered. Remember! Garena’s official prize redem code site is only

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