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Review of the results of purchasing the Redmi 3s/3x HP battery and the price info

Where to Buy a Good and Original Redmi 3s HP Battery – My Redmi 3s battery is damaged due to overuse. The redmi 3s/3x battery that I bought is quite cheap, guys and the quality is guaranteed to be pretty good, just like the original.

This time I share a little of my experience when replacing my redmi 3s battery which was starting to get damaged and wasteful. redmi 3s battery uses type BM47 with a capacity of 4000 mAh. After asking friends on several forums, I finally found a place to buy a redmi 3s battery at an affordable price, which is 101 thousand guys.

but the actual price at that time was around 125 thousand and I got a discount when I bought it to 101 thousand rupiah. maybe the price of this redmi 3s battery for some friends is expensive and some consider it cheap. but in my opinion the price of the battery is cheap and the quality is also pretty good.

Review of the results of purchasing the Redmi 3s/3x HP battery and the price info
This is the battery I bought from one of the shops in shopee

I bought this redmi 3s battery at shopee at this store, guys. for the link you can click here!! before buying make sure you look at the reviews and read the comments from the buyers. This is the first step when you want to buy a product from an online store to make it more convincing. the rating from this shop is also good guys.

To use the battery after it is installed, it must be charged until it is full. the battery that I bought during installation is already 50% charged, but my recommendation is to still turn off the cellphone and charge it until it’s full. do not use it immediately when replacing it, the charger must be turned off until it is fully charged.

After a month of using the battery that I bought at this shopee, I think the battery is durable and the use for social media can last all day, guys. on my original battery it only lasted 3 hours for social media use. for gaming, especially playing pubg games, it’s quite wasteful but this is reasonable because for game use it’s definitely wasteful and the cellphone heats up.

Here, I will briefly review this new battery in several roms, guys, for the official redmi 3s rom, namely the miui 10.2 rom with android 6.0.1 base or marmallow, this battery life is quite durable too, but not like the default battery, which can last a full day.

in the use of custom miui 10 which base oreo made by jayant222 the battery lasts a full day with the use of social media and music. in this miui jayant222 rom indeed the battery is very durable and the rom is also good even though there are some bugs.

For the use of the AEX extended 6.2, which is based on Android 9.0, it’s been very durable all day long too. if on the havoc os 2.2 rom which was built in September 2022 the results are good too guys, the battery is durable for social media use too. here’s a little screenshot of the battery graph on the havoc that I’m currently using.

Review of the results of purchasing the Redmi 3s/3x HP battery and the price info
you can see my usage on this havoc rom.

The conclusion after buying and using a new battery from shopee for my redmi 3s is that the battery is durable and quite satisfactory. oh yes, for the size of the xiaomi battery that I bought at shopee, it has a smaller size than the original battery that came with the redmi 3s cellphone.

For how to install the battery or how to replace the xiaomi battery, I pay a serviceman to install it, because I have never tried to remove the battery.

This article tells my experience of buying a xiaomi battery and I want to inform my friends who want to buy a xiaomi battery. I hope it will be helpful and useful for all of you. I wrote this article according to my will and without endorsement or coercion from the seller or any party.

Thank you for those of you who have stopped by, don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can get a little info.