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Recommended Item Build Natan Mobile Legends, Auto Flat Enemy!

Recommended Items Build Nathan Mobile Legends

Nathan is one hero in
Mobile Legends game
which is currently often contested in draft pick. Attack power
DPS damage

which is very high on Nathan is indeed a terrible specter for the enemy, because without you knowing the life of hero you will be sucked in very quickly when hit damage from Nathan, even if you use hero thick one.

Yep, you could say that Nathan looks the same
DPS marksman heroes others such as Moskov, Miya, and Kimmy. But the difference, Nathan has a conversion damage which allows him to issue magical damage even if the item is

That ability is what makes Nathan so troublesome, because
physical penetration what he got could be changed to
magical penetration and it is very effectively used to weaken
heroes thick very quickly.

Well, to maximize Nathan’s ability, then you also have to know
build what is right to use when using
hero marksman/mage this. Okay without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion:


1. Swift Boots

Swift Boots

Swift Boots is a shoe item that is used to upgrade a little attack speed Nathan on early games. Even though the effect
attack speed

what you get is not too big, but this item will be very crucial to make it easier for you to dominate lane and do
clear minions in phase early games.

2. Wind Talker

Wind Talker

Because Nathan focused on damage DPS, then items equipped with effects attack speed like Wind Talker This should be included in your list of recommended items. Wind Talker tasked with improving attack speed Nathan so he can more easily quickly deliver damage to the enemy.

Not only that, this item also has critical chance which made Nathan most likely to give damage in the form of
critical to the enemy.

3. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom

Just like Wind Talker, Scarlet Phantom also aims to add attack speed as well as critical chance which is in Nathan.

the difference, Scarlet Phantom it has critical chance which can later be combined with the effects of the item
Berseker Fury.

4. Berseker Fury

Berseker Fury

After Scarlet Phantom you got it, then
Berseker Fury is the next item you should buy. Yep, as I said before, Berseker Fury will be very effective when combined with Scarlet Phantom to get
critical chance Very large.

With critical chance large, then Nathan can cause more frequent critical damage to the enemy to instantly make them die in a short time.

If you already have Scarlet Phantom and
Berserker Fury, try not to be afraid to do war, because in this phase damage Nathan is already very strong to destroy the enemy.

5. Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar

Unlike the previous four items, Malefic Roar has a special task, namely to increase physical penetration Nathan drastically.

Even though later physical penetration what Nathan gets will be converted into magical penetration, but it doesn’t matter, because its function is still the same, namely to destroy
armor enemy in no time.

The effect of this item will be felt if you are dealing with
heroes thick like tank or fighters. You can see that later heroes The thick will die in a very short time if it is exposed for too long damage from Nathan who already has Malefic Roar.

6. Demon Hunter Sword

Demon Hunter Sword

The last item I recommend for Nathan is
Demon Hunter Swords. This item, which is often referred to as DHS, will later be tasked with raising attack speed Nathan and added a percentage damage larger ones to further strengthen Nathan’s attack power on the hero tanks.

However, keep in mind if you use DHS, then always pay attention to your position when carrying out attacks, because Nathan will be very vulnerable to being hit
pick off because it doesn’t have any items defense.


Because Nathan’s 6 main items are all items damagethen for the backup items I recommend 2 items defense which aims to increase the durability that exists in Nathan so that he is not easily exposed

1. Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature

Nathan is hero with a very low HP percentage, so often Natan will die quickly if he is hit by an attack from
hero – hero assassin such as Hayabusa, Lancelot, Natalia, and Saber.

Therefore, in order to avoid damage from para
assassin that, then you have to make
Wind of Nature, because this item will make Nathan immune of all physical damage for 2 seconds.

2. Immortality


The second backup item that was great to use on Nathan was
Immortality. As is ImmortalityNathan will have at least 2 lives to further increase his survival when he goes inside war.

Immortality will also automatically improve your mentality so you are not afraid to initiate attacks.

C. Emblem

Assassin’s Emblem

Assassin's Emblem

If you want to use Nathan as a junglerthen emblem assassin– is the one you have to choose, because this emblem will later make Nathan’s attack power feel sharper so that Nathan can more easily get kills.

Killing Spree

For the talent emblem, I suggest you use
“Killing Spree” so that Nathan can be better prepared to face war length scale. Additional HP obtained after getting kill also very useful for increasing Nathan’s durability.

Marksman Emblem

Marksman Emblem

Emblem marksman is ideal for Nathan if you want to play as a gold laner. With addition
attack speed from the marksman emblem which is quite significant
DPS heroes like this Nathan will have damage which is more flavorful than using other emblems.

Electro Flash

Don’t forget to also use the talent emblem “Electro Flash” to get extra 40% movement speed every 10 seconds which is ideal for Natan to use to maintain his position or to escape from enemy pursuit considering that Natan doesn’t have much
escape skills.

D. Spell



For recommendations spells, I highly recommend you to use spells inspire. Why? This is because
spell inspire in META now has various effects that are very effectively used on hero DPS type like Nathan.

One of the effects is that there is an additional HP regen on
basic attack During spell inspire active. With this effect, Nathan will automatically dominate lane since phase
early gamecause all he needs to do is keep doing
basic attack without having to worry about getting hit damage from the enemy.

What’s more, because Nathan can gain extra attack speed from the passive skill, then the effect HP regen which he got from
spell inspire will be much bigger.


That’s my post this time regarding the build item recommendations from Nathan. If there is anything you want to add, just write it in the comments column.

Thank you


Mage Marksman Mobile Legends