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Rank Valorant: How to Access it and the System It Works

After a long time entering the close beta stage, Rank Valorant has been released. When it was still in beta status, Riot actually presented this system but for a limited time.

At that time, players needed 20 plays in unranked mode to unlock rank mode. Rank itself consists of 8 levels with 3 tiers in each rank. You can play with a party of 5 players with a maximum difference of 2 ranks.

Immediately, here we provide information about what rank is, how to get access, and the system it works.

What is Rank or Rank Valoran?

Rank Valorant: How to Access it and the System It Works

There are eight levels in the Valorant ranking system, starting with Iron and ending with Radiant. All tiers except Radiant and Immortal had three sub-ranks within them, with rank one being the lowest and rank three being the highest.

Therefore, if you exclude Unranked, there are 20 ranks in this game. The top 500 players in each region would reach Radiant rank, and the top 1% per region would reach Immortal rank.

How to Unlock Ranked Mode?

To gain access to rank mode, you need to play an unranked (Unranked) Valorant match. The goal is to become familiar with the map layout, weapons and agent skills.

Performance in these matches does not affect any part of the competitive experience. Match only need to be completed to unlock the ability to play placement matches and get starting rank

Even after competitive ladder opened, matchmaking and your unrated matches will not affect competitive placement. Once done, you will have access to the ranking mode.

This will give a lot of time for unlock agent and study the map. Once you have access, you will have an option in the main menu above the banner: Competitive.

Valorant Rank Mode Explanation

valorant rank

Once ranked, you must play through five placement matches (placement match) and get your first rank. In Valorant, victory is valued more highly than personal performance.

But the developers say that playing well in matches is part of how the game determines your development. As you play more, winning and losing will become more important to your ranking.

As well as being the main path to progress. The current ranking system is geared towards combating smurfing by focusing on your personal skills during placement matches.

You have to work your way through all the Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Immortal levels. After that, you can reach the final tier, namely Valorant.

All levels have badges so you can quickly identify a player’s level and skill based on this badge.

Ranking will determine who players will be matched with. You can only party with people in six levels from your current position.

Be aware that if you do not play Valorant for fourteen days, the ranking will be hidden until playing a ranked match again. However, It won’t affect any tiers or progression on the ranking ladder, it just won’t be visible to others.

Currently, there are no rewards based on rank, other than a visible badge on profile that can be used to brag.