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Rank in Mobile Legends Game

These are the Mobile Legends Levels that Beginners Should Know

Rank in Mobile Legends Game
– Until now, Mobile Legends is still the most popular game in Indonesia, especially. This moba-based game is still a popular game that is played both among children and adults.

You need to know that this mobile legends game has a competitive game system and must be compact between teams.

When you first download this mobile legend game, you must follow the instructions at the beginning until it’s finished. After that when you are level enough, then ranked mode will be able to be played.

This ranked mode can be obtained when you already have 5 heroes and your account has reached level 8. If this is achieved then you can play ranked mode with your friends.

Here are 8 levels in the mobile legend game:

Warrior Rank

Warrior rank is your rank for the first time when you play mobile legend. This rank is the lowest level where in this rank you must get 3 star points to be able to move up to the next rank.

In this warrior rank itself there are three levels, namely warior 1,2 and 3. So if you are just playing the mobile legend game for the first time, you will be in the rank of warior 3 and must get 3 stars to move up to warior 2 and so on. .

Elite Rank

Elite rank is the second rank, where in this rank you will play from rank 3 to Rank 1 by collecting 4 star points to be able to rise in rank.

Master Rank

Rank Master is the third rank, in the master rank you must collect 4 stars and at this rank it has 4 levels, namely rank 4 to rank 1.

Master rank is the minimum rank requirement that you must achieve, because when the season ends you will get a free season hero skin prize.

Grandmaster Rank

The grandmaster rank is the 4th level, where in this rank there are 5 levels, namely grandmaster 5 – grandmaster 1. The number of stars collected in each level is also large, namely 5 stars.

Epic Rank

Rank Epic is level 5. In this position there will be a difference in the game, where you must ban two heroes to start the game.

Legend Rank

Legend rank is level 6. At this level your opponents will be more difficult. This happens because many players who already understand playing meta and the level of the game and their cohesiveness are no longer in doubt.

Mytic Rank

This rank is 7. Since season 14, the mytic rank has been changed so that it displays another level, namely mytic 5 to mytic 1. In this mode you may meet streamers or youtubers who are creating content.

Rank Glorious Mytic

Rank Mytic itself is the last rank with the highest tier. Here there are no levels such as rank 1,2 and so on. But you must get 600 mytic points to be in this mythic glory.

Note: the higher your rank, the more prizes you will get when the season ends.

Those are the eight levels in the mobile legend game. The elite and master ranks are the moments when you have to work very hard, so as not to lose streak.

This is because of the high level of selfishness, so sometimes many players at that rank like to play alone without looking at the map. Lack of teamwork, and too many players who are map blind because they are new to playing and don’t understand the right way to play the game.

That’s a glimpse of information about the levels in the legend mobile game. Hopefully this information can help and finally thank you for stopping by here.