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Quest Guide Melt All the Chunks Genshin Impact

In the middle of the mountains is the World Quest in the early version of Genshin Impact which sends players to Dragonspine Mondstadt.

The objective of this task is to melt some ice shards in a specific location. By completing this quest, players can get several rewards.

New players may have a hard time completing this World Quest because it is an old World Quest, and almost the entire community has already completed it. However, they must continue the task because it is very important to continue the progress of the game.

Quest Guide Melt All the Chunks Genshin Impact

The main purpose of this quest is to melt the ice that is preventing the quest from continuing.

Melt all the lumps 1/3

The first shard can be found south of Wyrmrest Valley in Dragonspine. Players can use teleport waypoints to reach areas or follow quest navigation. Then perform the following steps:

  • Unlock mechanics to start the puzzle
  • Hit the monument with Cryo attack on Seelie’s orders
  • Open the Precious Chest that appears
  • Defeat the Ruin Guard to open a huge underground cave
  • Enter the cave and direct the Warming Seelie to the park
  • Destroy the Scarlet Quartz and hit the ice shards in the center of the area four times
  • Click the ‘Start’ option to activate the orb