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PUBG Mobile will Present a Survival Mode Amid a Blizzard, Cold Front Survival!

PUBG Mobile will present a new mode, Cold Front Survival

Para gamer fans PUBG Mobile Of course, I can’t wait for the new update from Tencent. Because they have just announced a new mode that will be present in PUBG Mobile, the mode is Cold Front Survival. Later players can find this mode on a map that is famous for its snowy area, namely Vikendi.

The Cold Front Survival mode itself can be said to provide challenges as well as new experiences in playing this game. Because besides you have to survive from other players, you also have to survive in the middle of a snowstorm.

The thing that makes this mode different is that you also have to collect various resources such as firewood and food so you don’t freeze to death in the middle of a snowstorm. In addition, there will be a threat of wild animals which will certainly make this mode even more challenging. So while playing alone you have to look for shelter, from the cold, other players, as well as wild animals that can attack you at any time.

It is known that the Cold Front Survival Update will be released soon, precisely on September 16, 2022. Of course, this makes fans curious about how this mode will work.

Previously, this one mode is known to have also been present on the Chinese PUBG Mobile server, so let’s just wait buddy GameZeRO regarding the presence of this one mode, will this mode be as exciting as the previous modes in this battle royale game made by Tencent.