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PUBG Mobile Season 18 Release Date Patch Notes 1.3

When is the PUBG Mobile Season 18 release date? Based on the RP Section, season 17 itself will end on September 15, 2022. This RP section will be locked after the season ends.

Players will no longer be able to continue missions to get rewards. According to patch notes, season 18 of PUBG Mobile will start on September 17, 2022.

At the end of the season, as usual the player ratings will be reset or reset. They will later receive rewards based on the rank achieved during the season.

There will be two paid variants in the new season, namely Elite Pass for 6000 UC and Elite Pass Plus for 1800 UC.

Players also have the opportunity to choose between two advanced sets of rank 1 and 50. They will receive a Violin Music Set and the mysterious Kar98K for those who have entered the last rank.

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Gift Leak

There are a number of leaked prizes that will be present in this PUBG Mobile season 18 update. In the past, leaks of the Royale Pass season turned out to be true.

It is not impossible that this leak will also come true. Check out the list of prizes.

Player Avatars

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Release Date

Season 18 Royale Pass presents 2 sets of outfits to complete their characters.

Weapon Skins

For weapon skins that will be presented there are SCAR-L Skin, UZI and smoke grenade.

Equipment Skins


Because in season 18 RP there are changes to the car skin and parachute, the PUBG Mobile season 18 tier prize may bring changes to the equipment used by players.

The first is a helmet with a level 3 toy theme consisting of various colors. The color combination of green, yellow and pink is very powerful.

Next there is a parachute that can be used for camouflage. You can feel the difference using this parachute when you get out of the plane to make a landing.

Well, that’s the release date of PUBG Mobile 1.3 and a leak about the prizes that will be present in the upcoming season 18. How impatient?

If you can’t wait to experience this PUBG update, you can enter using the Korean version of PUBG, because in that country the update has arrived first.

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