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PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Godzilla

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Godzilla – Some time ago, PUBG Mobile announced its collaboration with Godzilla vs Kong. Now, September 25, the collaboration is in the game.

Now there is a new mode called Titan Last Stand where there are three titans namely Mechagodzilla, Kong and Godzilla who fight during their game.

Take lift vehicles and participate in exploratory missions in search of Godzilla. Watch and participate in epic battles. That’s how the notification sounds.

Since this collaboration is based on the latest Godzilla vs Kong film, the similarities are easy to spot. The fight scenes and storyline are very reminiscent of the events that happened in the film.

Air guns can also be seen in the video which shows players having to fight for Godzilla and Kong against the evil Mechagodzilla.

Players wondering if they can engage with Kaiju related content will be pleased to know that they have the opportunity to participate in Kaiju battles and kill Mechagodzilla.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Godzilla

Along with the new mode, Titans Last Stand, a Redeem code is given for players looking for free items.

This redeem code is valid from September 25 to September 8, 2022, coinciding with the end of Last Stand game mode.

Godzilla Redeem Code: GODZILLAVSKONG

The code can only be claimed once for one account. Later, you will get a prize in the form of an airplane pilot license that can be exchanged at the latest event where you are asked to collect three airplane pilot licenses.

You also get a classic chest coupon that rewards interesting items.

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New mechanisms are also presented in the latest PUBG Mobile 1.4 update which will make the game even more exciting and fun.

There is a new shooting mode called OST(Over The Shoulder) which will make it easier to shoot accuracy.

There is an OTS button which can be enabled via System Settings. When clicked, you will get higher accuracy at the expense of movement speed.

There are still other interesting updates, including improving the performance of the PUBG Mobile game. For more information about what updates are presented, you can visit their official website at