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PUBG Mobile Kr (Korean) 1.3 Update is here! Here's How to Access

PUBG Mobile KR is one of the PUBG Mobile sequels that is quite exposed. For those of you who want to update PUBG Mobile Kr (Korean) 1.3, we will tell you how.

The Kr version itself is only available in South Korea and also Japan. In those regions, game updates come first.

Players in these two regions can experience the latest version of the game directly with updates from the Play Store and App Store. While in Indonesia it was released later.

That’s why many players are looking for how to update PUBG Mobile Kr 1.3. If you don’t know, you can read about it here: How to Update PUBG Mobile Korea With VPN and Without VPN

How to Download PUBG Mobile Kr (Korean) 1.3 From Taptap

PUBG Mobile Kr (Korean) 1.3 Update is here!  Here's How to Access

Image via Play Store

Here’s a guide to download and install the Korean version of PUBG Mobile from Taptap:

Step 1: download and install the TapTap application from the official website, you can directly visit it by clicking here.

Before performing the installation, Enable the “install from unknown sources” option

Step 2: open TapTap then look for the Korean version of PUBG Mobile or KR. Later it will appear there.

Step 3: If you have found it, click download. If you’ve already installed PUBG Mobile, just click on the update or update option.

Please note, the size of PUBG Mobile Kr 1.3 is around 666 MB. So, make sure you have enough internal memory on your device.

Resource pack sizes vary depending on what players want to download. PUBG itself is indeed lighter now because players can choose which one they want to download and not.

Step 4: after the download process is complete, you will be faced with two choices, namely low specifications or HD Resource Pack.

Viola! Now you can enjoy the latest PUBG Mobile Kr (Korean) 1.3 update which is available on the Korean server. Later you can enjoy a number of new features such as Hundred Rhythms Mode which you can play through the Erangel map.

There’s also a fun music festival, The Clown’s Trick Gameplay and new weapons of course. The Global Update has also actually been released, you can directly update the Google Play Store and App Store.