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PUBG Mobile Glider Motor Coming Soon in Update Patch 1.3

The PUBG Mobile Glider Motor will finally arrive in Season 18. Apart from that, there are many other interesting things such as karakin maps, new weapons and more.

Even though it’s still in season 17, players can’t wait to see new features in the next season.

Motorcycle Glider PUBG Mobile Season 18

The feature that many players have been waiting for in the patch note 1.3 update is the Motor Glider aka flying motorbike which is an exclusive vehicle.

Players can find this vehicle on the Karakin and Erangel maps, which are the biggest maps in PUBG.

Motor Glider can carry 2 passengers. One is in the driver’s seat, the other is a passenger in the back who can attack opponents.

Previously, this vehicle was already available on the PC version of PUBG. However, it will only be presented in the Mobile version to the Erangel and Miramar maps.

Motors will appear randomly, just like any other vehicle. The Motor Glider can be used for two people which includes the front seat for the driver and the back seat for the passenger which is also used to shoot enemies.

How to Drive a Glider

How to Drive a PUBG Motorcycle Glider

As a new vehicle, of course, players need to make adaptations to be able to do it in the game.

In order to fly, the pilot must press the up button once the glider has gained sufficient speed. Later, the muzzle of the motor will slowly rise. If you are already on top, players can drive it like a regular motorbike on land.

Navigate the vehicle up and down using the available controls. It takes practice to be able to ride this Motor Glider smoothly.

Another thing to note is the fuel to run it like any other vehicle.

Before flying, make sure the fuel is full or not. It’s best if you fill up with fuel before flying, so that you don’t run out when you’re above.

Also bring at least one tank of fuel supplies. If you run out of gas, get ready for players to fall freely to the bottom. This will certainly endanger the lives of players.

Fuel consumption also depends on the speed of the Glider Motor. The faster you fly, the more fuel you use.

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PUBG Mobile Glider Locations

Motorcycle Glider PUBG Mobile Season 18

As we said before, the PUBG Mobile Glider Motor will be available on the Karakin and Erangel maps only.

Later there will be 40 vehicle spawn points in the two map locations. However, in one match, only 10 gliders are spawned.

These 10 gliders will spawn randomly at 40 predetermined points. Among the 40 points, there are several locations that have been confirmed to appear, namely around Campo Militar, near El Pozo on the Miramar map.

While in the Karakin map, around Primorsk, Hospitak, Sosnovka Military base and Yasnaya Polyana.

Well, that’s information about the PUBG Mobile Glider Motor which will be coming soon along with the patch 1.3 update.

There are also other new features to look forward to such as the Hundred Rhythms Event, new skins, etc. You can read about it here: PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Brings New Changes To Celebrate 3rd Anniversary