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PUBG Mobile 2022 Inject Cheat, How to Install and How Dangerous?

PUBG Mobile is busy with a new cheat, namely injection. But, don’t get me wrong, even though it’s called injection, it turns out that this has nothing to do with the healing feature.

Instead, this cheat is used to attack enemies easily without having to aim at them first. Just point the cheat at the opponent, and the opponent will immediately fall. Reportedly, he is anti-banned, so it was not detected by Krafton as a game developer.

To know more about the PUBG Mobile injection cheat, see the explanation below.

What is PUBG Inject Cheat

PUBG Mobile 2021 Cheat Injection

The PUBG injection cheat is a hacking act where players can easily kill enemies without aiming at them.

To be able to activate it, players need to install third-party applications, namely Virtual Space and Game Guardian.

How to Install Cheat Injection

  1. Download App

First, download the application first. You can get it on sites that usually provide cheat applications.

  1. Download Game Guardian and Virtual Space

In addition to the main application, you need to download Game Guardian and Virtual Space in order to run cheats. Because if not, the cheat can’t be activated.

If so, go to the Virtual Space application and add PUBG Mobile to it. You do this by clicking the + button on the application.

Do the same on the Game Guardian application. Add to Virtual Space by pressing + . button

  1. Use Virtual Space

Next, use the Virtual Space application first by selecting the re-select hosts file option. Then, activate it until the on sign appears.

  1. Open Game Guardian App in Virtual Space

If it is active, open the Game Guardian app in the Virtual Space application. Later, there will be a permission warning. You just need to press allow so that the application can run.

  1. Enter Virtual Space to Run Cheats

If Game Guardian is already open, return to Virtual Space to run the cheats that have been obtained.

  1. Click the GG Button and select PUBG Mobile

Finally, when PUBG is running, click the GG button and select PUBG Mobile. Then, run the existing script. Wait until the process is 100% and the cheat is ready to use.

PUBG Mobile Cheat Features

Magic Bullet Cheat

The excellent feature of all-in-one cheat is Magic Bullet. When using it, the bullet will follow and hit the enemy directly.

However, the bullets from this Magic Bullet cannot penetrate solid objects such as rocks or walls. When shooting, know in advance where the exact location of the enemy is.

For example, behind a rock, players can direct shots to the side or at the top of the rock, and bullets can directly hit the enemy. This feature makes it difficult for users to be detected as cheaters by Krafton.

Is PUBG Mobile Injecting Cheat Legal?

The use of third-party applications such as this cheat is definitely illegal and full of risks. PUBG also regularly updates and bans cheaters.

Septemberbe your first second day is still safe. However, maybe a few weeks or months later you will get a permanently banned notification from Krafton.

Cheat is also piracy, because just one shot, the opponent can die. PUBG players are very disadvantaged by cheaters who play cheating.

If it’s not convenient, just report this cheater via in-game or make a manual report to Krafton via social media or email.