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PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Brings New Changes To Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

Season 17 is about to end, now fans are looking forward to the arrival of the next season, the PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update.

Royale Pass in season 18 brings a new theme, namely Hudred Rhythms. Later there will be many cosmetic items in the game. Players can also choose rank two rewards as they progress.

New Features That Will Be Present in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update

There are a number of interesting features that will be present in the upcoming PUBG Mobile update. Starting from new themes, weapons, vehicles, and much more. Here’s more.

1. Hundred Rhythms Event

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Brings New Changes To Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

A new event will be brought to the most popular PUBG map, Erangel. The new mode will offer three skills specifically for players depending on the selected Armband.

Players can choose from three Armbands offered, starting from the Guardian, Record and Camouflage Armband.

Each Armband gives three skills. The first is skills active which gives the player powerful abilities. While the other two are passive skills which gives buff.

Each player will start the match with core skills or core abilities. To unlock passive skills, they must get a “cassete”.

The Hundred Rhythms event will also feature three electronic music boxes. One of them will be on Spawn Island while the other two will appear on Erangel.

This will definitely become a hotspot, so be careful when stopping by that location.

2. PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update – New Mosin-Nagant Weapon

Not to forget, PUBG Mobile also added new weapons to this new update. The New Mosin Nagant is a bolt action sniper rifle with 1.62mm ammunition.

Its shooting power is on par with the Kar98K. Bullets will shoot faster with less damage drop-off.

He can knock out enemies who don’t carry weapons with just one shot and from a distance.

It looks like this Mosin Nagant will appear in the Vikendi and Erangel maps replacing a number of Kar98K model rifles.

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3. New Vehicle – Motorcycle Glider

New Vehicle – Motorcycle Glider

There is also a new vehicle that is presented, namely the Motor Glider. Later the player can fly over the opponent with this motorbike.

Previously, this vehicle was already available on the PC version of PUBG. However, it will only be presented in the Mobile version to the Erangel and Miramar maps.

Motors will appear randomly, just like any other vehicle. The Motor Glider can be used for two people which includes the front seat for the driver and the back seat for the passenger which is also used to shoot enemies.

In order to fly, the pilot must press the up button once the glider has gained sufficient speed. The speed depends on the fuel.

So the faster the player flies, the more fuel is used. Therefore, it’s best to bring a can of fuel as a backup before flying.

4. Metro Royale: Uncovered

The PUBG Mobile 1.3 update also brings an advanced chapter for the Metro Royale mode. After the player has updated all the resources in the game, the new Metro Royale : Uncovered mode will appear.

In the new chapter, rank, inventory and honor will be reset. In this new season, Metro Royale will offer new rewards.

Players can collect Honors to earn AG, permanent finishes, and much more. This new mode will include extra elite enemies who will suddenly appear in the middle of battle.

So, be aware and always pay attention to broadcasts and marks or marks on the map. This new mode also eliminates the Metro Exodus and Tikhar Rifle monsters.

The current enemy will be even smarter with the presence of equipment balance adjustments.

5. Clowns’ Tricks Gameplay

Clowns' Tricks Gameplay

As part of PUBG Mobile’s 3rd anniversary celebration, Clown’s Trick Gameplay will be coming as of September 31, 2022.

Later there will be various scribbles around the map, and a Clown Shop Vehicle will also be presented on Erangel.

Players need to collect clown tokens or Clown Tokens and exchange them for items such as combat supplies and special strategic at the clown shop or Clown Shop Venicle.

This item will provide players with information about the playzone and the upcoming airdrop.

And also the density of enemies on the map. The new Graffiti Wall music will also echo next to Spawn Island’s Graffiti Square.

The music will appear in Erangel classic mode. This is just a gimmick where players need to spray paint on Music Graffiti Wall to get the tone out.

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