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Prime 2.0 Valorant: Release Date, Pricing and More

Prime 2.0 Valorant is the 2022 evolution of the original Prime set that players loved. Introduced a new model and further improved features, such as exhaust ports for additional shooting effects.

This set was meticulously redesigned in its design and weapon selection, boasting not only the Phantom but karambit-style melee as well.

After the game’s transition from Beta, the Prime Skin Bundle became one of the most popular cosmetic content in the game.

This skin modifies the weight of Vandal embedded with silver magazine, black stock, and gold highlights along with different fire sounds and special animations.

Prime 2.0 Valorant Release Date

The Valorant Prime 2.0 bundle will be released on September 2. Along with the release of Valorant Episode 2: Formation. Which will present a new controller agent, Astra and also a new Battle Pass.

Prime 2.0 Valorant price

The second episode of Act 2 provides a brand new battle pass. Along with that also comes the Prime 2.0 collection, the second iteration of the same.

Just like the original version, bundle prime 2.0 is also priced at 7,100 VP with a pack of 5 weapons. Meanwhile, along with cosmetic items, it is priced at a total price of 11,825 VP.

This bundle includes weapons (including Phantom, Bucky, Frenzy, Odin, Melee (Karmbit)), Gun Buddy, Card, and Spray.

Prime 2.0 Valorant price

The Prime 2.0 bundle is the first time Prime Weapons have gotten an evolved weapon skin. This new collection introduces a new variant of the melee weapon in Valorant in the form of Karambit.

Prime 2.0 Weapon skins

The Main Collection will also introduce levels to weapons in Valorant. Each level will add the following cosmetic changes:

Prime Bucky Image by Riot Games

Bucky Image by Riot Games

Prime Frenzy Image by Riot Games

Prime Frenzy Image by Riot Games

Prime Odin Image by Riot Games


Prime Phantom Image by Riot Game

Prime Phantom

Original Prime Collection

The original Valorant Prime Collection was first released on September 9, 2022 by including a number of sentara skins. All skins can be customized with various color options and this is the first skin with different visual effects, sound effects and overlays.

With the Valorant Prime Collection 2.0, weapons that don’t have Prime skins are reduced to only seven. Namely Shorty, the Ghost, the Frenzy, Stinger, Ares, Marshal, and Operator.

Prime 2.0 is the third collection to reboot after the Glitchpop and Prism collections.