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Premium Crate PUBG Season 18 2022 When is it Out?

Season 18 of PUBG Mobile is finally here. Players can experience various new features that make the game even more enjoyable. There is one question that many may be looking for, namely when will the Premium Crate PUBG Season 18 2022 come out?

Create itself is the target of players because it offers quite a lot of prizes. Opening a crate or chest is one way to get skins, costumes or other attractive prizes. Although it is undeniable, diamonds are also needed.

Of the various existing create, there is one type that is the target of many players, namely Premium Create. Why? The reason is because the chest holds various rare items.

When will PUBG Season 18 Premium Crate Release?

Players are looking forward to the presence of premium create in PUBG Mobile season 18. Based on the post updated by the @pmpl.updates instagram account, the Premium crate will come on September 21, 2022.

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What are the contents of the Premium Crate this time?

Premium crate is an item that many players are looking for. That’s because the contents of the chest are fairly good and rare.

In this premium chest, there will be a main prize, namely a Neon Lady Set with a Purple color suit that will glow in the dark.

However, this information is still a leak, it has not been officially conveyed by PUBG Mobile. So, the main prize could change not according to predictions.

For those who don’t know, Premium crates are indeed issued by PUBG Mobile only at certain events. For example, in the previous season, Tencent, which was the developer of PUBG at that time, released a premium chest at the same time as the Chinese New Year.

Where to present Chinese-themed costumes as well. The best way to earn crates and coupons is to work on achievements in the menu lobby.

It’s a good idea to check the list of achievements frequently to see what rewards are on offer. New updates and seasons present new challenges that can help generate scraps, coupons and more.

One more day PUBG Season 18 premium crate will be here. You can collect coupons first. How many coupons have you collected?

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