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Playing Pokemon Go, British Man Arrested by Security Officers

Playing Pokemon Go, British Man Arrested by Security Officers, An unidentified man was arrested by British security officers while he was having fun playing his Pokemon Go game. What this man did to get arrested by security officers is something that should not be done.

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak in a number of countries, the Lockdown situation is the most effective and reasonable alternative that the government can do to reduce the impact of the spread of this pandemic.

This Lockdown situation is enforced not only in Indonesia, the UK is currently entering a period of Lockdown to ensure its citizens remain safe from the Corona virus attack. Because of this regulation, people are prohibited from leaving the house if there is no urgent need.

Playing Pokemon Go, British Man Arrested by Security Officers

In the midst of the outbreak of cases caused by the Covid-19 virus, the British public was shocked by a unique and rare case that occurred to a gamer, this man whose identity was not known was determined to break the rules in order to play the Pokemon Go game.

Reported from the account official twitter a British security officer stated that his party had sent home a man who was desperate to leave the house during the Lockdown situation just to play Pokemon Go, his party immediately sent the man back to his residence.

British security officer’s official statement

Niantic as the developer of the Pokemon Go game explained that it has made a series of adjustments to the Pokemon Go game so that it can be played during Lockdown situations, aka being able to easily play this game without the need to leave the house to catch and collect Pokemon.

With this case, the British security forces once again urge the public to obey the rules for the sake of mutual safety, this also applies to all of us Indonesian citizens, if you don’t have an urgent need, it’s best to stay at home right now.

This Lockdown situation or policy is enforced, of course, to protect us together from the Covid-19 pandemic which is currently hitting various parts of the world, therefore we at GameZero urge you to stay at home.

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