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Pity System Genshin Impact For Yae Miko Banner and Soft-pity Explanation

Yae Miko has finally arrived at Genshin Impact after the maintenance update for version 2.5 ended a few hours ago.

The Everbloom Violet banner is available to all players, and they can roll to get the Grand Priestess.

The Yae Miko banner will last for three weeks until September 8, 5:59 PM (UTC+8). During this wish event, players have a high chance of getting the 5-star character Yae Miko, or the 4-star character Diona, Fischl, and Thoma.

However, before installing any banners, Travelers must understand the essence of the pity-system in Genshin Impact.

Pity System Genshin Impact For Yae Miko Banner

Genshin Impact is like other gacha games and has a pity system on its banner. More precisely, this game has two types of pity, namely hard and soft.

On another note, there are three types of in-game banners:

  • Character Event Wish
  • Standard Wish
  • Weapon Event Wish

Hard Pity will appear on 90 wish on Character Event Wish or Standard Wish banner. Meanwhile, the Weapon Event Wish is at 80 wish.

So in this count, players are guaranteed to get a 5-star character or weapon, depending on the banner.