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Oshi ga Watashi de Watashi ga Oshi de New Manga by Junko

Dafunda Otaku – Magazine’s official website Bessatsu Friend owned by Kodansha revealed that Junko the mangaka Watashi ga Motete Dousundawill launch a manga entitled Oshi ga Watashi de Watashi ga Oshi de in the September issue of the magazine on 1September 3, 2022.

manga Oshi ga Watashi de Watashi ga Oshi de

The story of this manga centers on a otaku idol and member of her favorite idol group. Azusa Asahina is a girl who fits perfectly with an attractive appearance and good achievements. However, he is also a acute idol otaku. Everyday life Azusa completely changed after he got involved in a certain incident, when he went to his favorite idol’s concert Chikashi Chida.

Magazine Edition September 2022 revealed that Junko is preparing to launch a new manga. The same news is also published in the side story chapter, 37 pages on the manga Watashi ga Motete Dousunda creation Junko.

Junko once launched Watashi ga Motete Dousunda in Bessatsu Friend on 2013 and ends in September 2022. Kodansha publish manga Volume 14th its in japan on September 2022. This manga has been adapted into an anime that aired on October 2022

Looks like this manga will be interesting? are you interested??

Source: Bessatsu Friend & ANN website