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Onmyoji The World, RPG Game Based on Japanese Folklore

NetEase has revealed more info about Onmyoji The World during its annual game report showcase.

As the name suggests, it’s a spin-off title from the Onmyoji Franchise that so far includes popular MOBAs and anime-style card battles.

RPG Game Based on Japanese Folklore

Onmyoji The World is an adventure RPG that presents striking graphics with a strong narrative of Japanese folklore or folklore.

Players can take on the role of Onmyoji before venturing into a spirit-filled world of Japanese folklore to defeat enemies and gain unlimited power.

Onmyoji the World Trailer

The Onmyoji: The World trailer depicts a Noh drama turning into chaos. There you can see the Onmyoji hero fighting it out with Ancient Japanese monsters.

This spin-off title will have a different style of play as we saw in previous Onmyoji titles. While the original featured a deep and customizable card battle game, and Onmyoji Arena featured heroes in a MOBA battle arena.

This new game will have a turn-based style of play. It will most likely fall under the Adventure RPG genre as well, but more details are yet to be revealed.

Onmyoji: The World will probably appear on next-gen consoles like PS 5 or Xbox Series. However, this has not been confirmed and NetEase Games itself has not revealed on which platforms the game will be available.

However, they wrote that the game will support cross-platform play. Whether that means the game will also have a multiplayer component is up for debate.

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Japanese Cultural Concept Approach

The cultural impression of the Heian period shown in the game is very strong. In previous Onmyoji games, the storyline focused on a number of characters called Onmyoji.

They are tasked with maintaining world peace from conflicts between humans and demons. This concept is also carried over to gameplay where the player must control one of the Omnyoji.

The journey taken is not easy there will be many exciting challenges, secrets and interesting stories for you to know.

For the size of a mobile game, Onmyoji is quite impressive with graphics like a console JRPG game.