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ONIC Olympus Successfully Wins FFIM 2022 Spring!


ONIC Olympus Successfully Wins FFIM 2022 Spring!, Free Fire Indonesian Master ( FFIM ) 2022 has just finished its entire series of tournaments. This event itself is held behind closed doors without the presence of spectators, this is done to prevent the spread of the corona virus which is increasingly spreading in Indonesia.

Even though it was held behind closed doors, the teams that participated in this event did not lose their enthusiasm in elbowing each other to secure the championship title as well as Rp. 350 million. FFIM 2022 Spring was attended by a total of 12 of the strongest Free Fire teams in the country such as,

  • RRQ Hades
  • Dranix Vendetta
  • Boss Esports
  • Xcn Esports
  • Dranix Dauntless
  • Rosugo Esports
  • Aura Esports
  • Bigetron Magix
  • Star8 Esports
  • Evos Esports
  • Louvre Esports
  • ONIC Olympus

This tournament itself was held at Tennis Indo Senayan as a venue for the 12 best Free Fire teams in Indonesia to show off against each other to win FFIM 2022 Spring. Competing in the Best Of Six format, all teams have six rounds to collect as many points as possible to become champions.

ONIC Olympus itself, which was the champion in this event, actually appeared rather unsatisfactory in the first round, where they became the first team to be knocked out and did not get any points. But in the second round they managed to get up and get Booyah.

ONIC Olympus Successfully Wins FFIM 2020 Spring!

Playing consistently is the key to the team’s success in becoming champions in this event, they were noted to have managed to get Booyah twice, namely in the second and sixth rounds and the rest they managed to finish in the top 5 positions. As a result, they managed to outperform the points of the Louvre Esports team, which lost the moment so that their points were chased by the Olympus ONIC team.

With this result, ONIC Olympus will be the representative from Indonesia for the upcoming Free Fire International tournament, of course we hope that this victory will make this team able to make Indonesia proud on the world stage.