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One Hundred Sights Of Dihua Quest Guide

The Eight Corners of the Mountains and Seas event is an event that will take place from September 4, 2022 to September 14, 2022.

The event will take you back to Chinju Forest, where Ioroi’s sealed bake-danuki asks you to take a young Kichiboushi out on an adventure.

The fifth part of the event, One Hundred Sights in Dihua, opens after completing the four-part quest:

  • Fairy Tale in the Snow
  • Meditation on the Peak of a Distant Island
  • Two Cities Recommended
  • The Miracle of Amber Adeptus

One Hundred Sights Of Dihua Quest Guide

Start the quest from the event menu. The event marker will take you to the south of Wuwang Hills. There, you will meet with Kichiboushi to explore Dihua Marsh.