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Official! Siren Moon Disbanded, What's the Fate of the Roster?

Every meeting there is a farewell. That’s what the Siren Esports team said during their farewell to Siren Moon. Previously, there were rumors that Siren Moon would disband after the incident that tarnished Siren Esports’ name during WSL Season 2 took place.

On Tuesday, September 2, 2022, Siren Esports officially announced the release of all MLBB Ladies division roster. Yes, Siren Moon is officially disbanded.

Siren Esports has officially released all of its roster, namely Najel (Mikasa), Valanyr, Leen, Momobami, Bill and also Azumi.

That is, all players without exception are released. This is the main sign that Siren Moon is disbanded. It seems, there will be a new name reincarnated from Siren Moon as well as a completely new roster.

Overall, this team played well and managed to get third place in the Woman Star League Season (WSL) Season 2 tournament. In WSL Season 1, this team even made it to the Grand Final.

However, unfortunately EVOS beat him to the point of not being able to score a single score. The match ended with the score 3-0 with EVOS Ladies winning.

In the Female Gaming League: Mobile Legends Minor Series 1, Siren Moon, which is a new team, even managed to top the standings. Although in the end they had to be defeated by Belletron Battle Angels with a final score of 3-0.

The Incident In WSL Season 2 Makes Siren’s Name Smear

najel mikasa

It’s a shame this team had to disband. However, considering the two incidents that occurred in WSL Season 2, Siren Esports’ name was tarnished.

During the match, one of the Siren Moon players showed bad behavior. As a result, he was banned from playing in one match and was deducted points for the team.

This happened during the Lower Bracket final match of the third day of the playoffs when the team faced Alter Ego. One of the players, Najel, was forced to be unable to participate in this match because he was caught on camera making inappropriate gestures.

Previously, Valanyr was also sentenced. He and Ivan, Head of Production Siren Moon were caught on camera making inappropriate gestures after the match against EVOS LYNX.

For this behavior, WSL also imposed sanctions on Valanyr up to a point deduction for the team.

Where will the cast end up after Siren Moon disbands?

Official!  Siren Moon Disbanded, What's the Fate of the Roster?

Then, what will happen to the future roster after Siren Moon disbands? There is no bright spot yet. Only Valanyr is rumored to have got a team. He is said to be the new roster of Belletron.

In several IG stories, he shows that he is at Gaming House Belle. He was also briefly seen in the Belletron srim which was shown by Baby G.

Meanwhile, the rest of the roster has not yet been confirmed. Mikasa, for example, said he wanted to focus on streaming because he wasn’t tied to any team. While Momobami said he wanted to retire.

Some say that there are players who will join RRQ because the team is rumored to be creating the MLBB Ladies division. However, it cannot be justified and this is just a guess.

Well, maybe it was the attitude of the Siren players that forced this team to be disbanded and change its name. Hopefully in the future nothing like this will happen. pro players should understand when in front of the camera especially during tournaments, attitude is number one besides skill.